Immunize Now - Onsite Vaccination Services

Protecting people on the front lines

Influenza is the leading cause of absenteeism at work. Lost work time affects employment, employers and productivity. Working people are the least immunized in Canada yet they are on the front line for virus exposure. Onsite flu clinics with Immunize Now are a convenient and cost-effective way for employers to increase immunization amongst employees.

Immunize Now is a company of specially trained registered nurses providing mobile vaccination clinics for workplaces throughout Victoria, BC and the surrounding area. Employers who use Immunize Now can be assured of high quality vaccination services at competitive rates.

Immunize Now is ready to be part of any future Covid-19 campaigns.

Employee with the Flu
Protect your employees and business by holding an onsite vaccination clinic.

Why host an onsite vaccination clinic?

For the health of the employee:

Widespread debilitating nature of the viruses means outbreaks can lead to substantial workplace absenteeism, staffing shortages, overtime costs, inability to fill roles, and reduced sales and decreased productivity.

For the health of the workplace and bottom line:

Immunize Now vaccination clinics include: