Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

Protect your employees and your business.

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about vaccination services in the workplace.

Once Immunize Now and the employer agree on a date for the immunization clinic, the employer will receive a Client Service Agreement to read, sign and return with down payment.

Employers assign a vaccine clinic coordinator. This coordinator determines how many people plan to be immunized, where the clinic will take place and what date and time for a clinic. The coordinator then ensures people attend their appointed time to be vaccinated. Click here for details on how to organize an immunization clinic.

Immunize Now can take on the responsibility of organizing the clinic for an extra cost.

It is recommended that the influenza vaccine be offered by the end of October, before influenza activity in the community begins. Vaccination can be offered as long as influenza viruses are circulating and unexpired vaccines are available – into January.

As people age, their ability to develop immunity to germs decreases. The older people are, the more likely they are to get very sick from viruses. People whose immune system is already weakened are more likely to get sick. Protect yourself and others by getting vaccinated.

When the “match” between vaccine and circulating strains is close, vaccination prevents influenza in about 60 to 80% of people.

There are many reasons people have phobias about needles – in fact about 10% of people are afraid of needles. Needle phobia is real and should not be dismissed. A large percentage of people inherit a response to needles that causes some of the symptoms people get when they are about to faint – sweating, dizziness, nausea. No blame or shame should be attached to needle phobia. Strategies nurses with Immunize Now use are: asking the client what they think will help, distraction, immunizer patience – wait until the client is ready, privacy, lying down, explaining every step, and kindness.

The nasal flu vaccine (Flumist) can be given to people until age 49 years of age. The nasal mist does not hurt. For employers, Flumist must be requested well ahead of the clinic date.

Although rare, anaphylaxis can occur with vaccines (1:1,000,000 for influenza vaccines). Nurses assess every client for allergy risk factors. Prior to vaccination, informed written consent is obtained. All nurses working with Immunize Now are trained in the management of anaphylaxis. An anaphylaxis kit is available at every immunization clinic.

Each nurse immunizer carries personal liability insurance. Immunize Now also carries business and liability insurance.

No problem!

Each nurse can vaccinate approximately 10 people/hour. Depending on your employee population and space for social distancing, Immunize Now can vaccinate scores of people/day.

Cost to host a clinic depends on how many people want to be immunized. Basic costs are based on a per person amount. Determine how many employees want to be immunized and multiply by the cost per person. The exact amount depends on the cost of vaccines at the time of the clinic. A small set up and take down fee will be added. All amounts are subject to GST. Contact Immunize Now for an estimate.

Hosting a flu clinic in the workplace costs a mere fraction of how much it costs employers when an employee becomes ill with the flu. For a more indepth look at the reasons this is true, please read: “Why it is cost effective to host an influenza vaccine clinic in the workplace.”